Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

If you have a tiny yard or only a few plants to grow then the Mini Greenhouse is perfect for you. Put the mini greenhouse on your porch or deck if you are short on yard space. You can even place this mini greenhouse inside your house next to a window that gets plenty of sunlight for winter. Grow a few plants or a few prized ornamentals. Use the mini greenhouse to start your seeds for your garden and extend your growing season. Make your own mini greenhouse and save money.

The mini greenhouse is relatively easy to build. Use the wood scraps lying around in your garage. There is not a lot of materials needed to construct the mini greenhouse.

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Lean To Greenhouse

Build A Lean To Greenhouse

Lean to greenhouses are designed specifically to be attached to an existing structure. The design of the lean to greenhouse is nice for a smaller yard but yet is nice and roomy inside. Save money in materials as you only need three sides with the great lean to greenhouse. Design your lean to greenhouse to be attached to your house and have it double as a sun room.

Build a medium size lean to greenhouse as an addition to your house and reserve one side for your plants and one side for a sun room to sit in and relax while you enjoy your plants. Get easy to follow step by step instructions for building your own lean to greenhouse from

Attach your lean to greenhouse to a shed or garage. There are so many options for a greenhouse.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

PVC Hoop Greenhouse

Hoop Greenhouse

Building a hoop greenhouse is the easiest greenhouse to build. It does require a functional design and a step by step plan to get the structure up in a couple of hours. You have to calculate with accuracy the quantity of material you need.

At this has been done for you.

Materials Needed For The Hoop Greenhouse:

  • PVC piped one inch schedule 40
  • tie wraps
  • fence clips or staples
  • rebar
  • polyethylene sheeting
  • treated wooden boards

After you decide where you want to place your hoop greenhouse you need to clear and level that spot. Mark out the area and put up stakes in the corners. Now work out the approx. length of the PVC pipes. Work out how many wooden boards by length you will need for the base of the hoop greenhouse, the support frame, the door, and the door itself, and side wall support for the hoop greenhouse.

Divide the length of the hoop greenhouse by 4. Drive rebar into the ground at these spots 3 foot into the ground and 3 foot out of the ground to slide the pvc pipe over.

Now attach the central ridge and then the purlins at the sides. Make the door frame and the end walls for the hoop greenhouse. Stand up the frame with vertical beams driven into the ground, attach the door with hinges, and close off the other end or put another door on this end too.

Stretch the polyethylene film over the entire hoop greenhouse structure and secure it with the tie wraps. Use lumber to weigh it down at the base.

With the proper design and plans building a hoop greenhouse is a fun enjoyable activity for yourself or with your family or friends.

Get easy to follow step by step instructions to build your hoop greenhouse here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Victorian Greenhouse

Victorian Greenhouses are one of the more popular and commonly built backyard greenhouses. They are nice looking and can be built any size that suits you and your yard. The Victorian greenhouse is an excellent choice for home and hobby gardeners to grow year-round plants, shrubbery, specialty flowers, ornamentals, and so much more.

The gable roof on the victorian style greenhouse makes it more efficient to cool and heat, saving you money. The straight sides on the Victorian style greenhouse make it easy to move around without hitting your head on slanting side walls or the roof. This backyard greenhouse is basically easy to build. They can be as fancy or as economic as you want it to be. Even if you have little money to invest into your backyard greenhouse you can still have a great Victorian greenhouse. If you build it out of wood or pvc and enclose it with polyethylene film or reinforced fiberglass panels you have a nice looking Victorian greenhouse that was cost efficient.

If you have more money to invest then you can build a fancier version of the Victorian greenhouse for a fraction of the cost of buying a backyard greenhouse. Build it out of iron, aluminum, or wood and enclose it in plexiglass or glass. Only basic skills are needed to build your own greenhouse. If you can read a tape measure and use a saw then you can build a greenhouse. The only tools needed are tools that come in any basic carpenters set.

  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Measuring tape
  • Cutters
  • Saw

Often times the place you buy your materials from will cut the materials for you so you will have little cutting to do on your own. This will save you time and make building your victorian greenhouse even easier.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Build A Backyard Greenhouse

Have you decided to build a backyard greenhouse but do not know type of you want to build. To build a backyard greenhouse you need to consider the size of your yard and how many plants you are going to grow before deciding on the type of backyard greenhouse. Are you an avid gardener that grows a lot of plants or a hobby gardener that has a few prize plants to grow? Build to suit your needs.

The four most common types are

  • victorian
  • hoop or quonset
  • lean to
  • mini or grow rack

The Victorian greenhouse is nice looking and energy efficient. The gable roof allows better heat and cooling efficiency. The straight up and down sides allow for easy movement without worrying about hitting your head on sloping sides. Build the Victorian greenhouse in small or large yards. Choose the size that fits your needs.

The hoop style or Quonset greenhouse is easy and usually a cheaper greenhouse to build. Hoop style greenhouses are easy to maintain and allow for growing many plants of your choice. You can build the hoop greenhouse as long as your yard and needs permit. There is no limit.

The lean to greenhouse is an excellent option for a smaller yard or an indoor gardener. Build the lean to greenhouse onto the side of an existing building such as your house, shed, or garage. Build the lean to greenhouse onto the side of your house with a door into the greenhouse from your house and let your house do the heating and cooling.

Build A Backyard Greenhouse

The grow rack greenhouse is a mini greenhouse. The mini greenhouse is perfect for a small gardener or a gardener that has no yard. Don't let no yard stop you from gardening. Place this mini greenhouse on your patio or deck and grow any plant you choose.

When you build a background greenhouse, regardless of what style, the backyard greenhouses are great for the devoted gardener and hobby gardener. Build a backyard greenhouse to grow year-round plants, shrubbery, specialty flowers, ornamentals, and so much more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Build Your Own Greenhouse

Get the best easy to follow step by step directions

You can be one step closer to building your own greenhouse today, right now!!

Now that you have made the decision to build your own greenhouse you need to get prepared. There are a few important decisions to be made at this point. Location, style, and size are important things to think about when you decide to build your own greenhouse.

When you build your own greenhouse location is important. Your greenhouse needs to be build where the sun will shine on it all year round. Think about how the sun shines into your yard in the fall and winter months. Can you run water and heat to this location if you chose to? There should not be any trees close by to shade it or damage it if branches should fall.

Build Your Own Greenhouse

This location should also have good drainage. You do not want to build where rain or melting snow run into. When you are working with your plants and watering them you want the water to run out of the greenhouse or soak up pretty quickly, not sit there and puddle at your feet.

Next choose the size. Now that you have a location to build your own greenhouse on, take a good look at this spot. How much room do you have to build your own greenhouse? Is the location large enough to build any size greenhouse or do you need a smaller greenhouse? Level out the area and take a couple quick measurements just to get an idea of the size of your backyard greenhouse.

When choosing the size to build your own greenhouse keep in mind how many plants you are going to keep in your backyard greenhouse. Are you an avid gardener with a lot of plants or are you a hobby gardener with a few plants. If you are going to garden during the fall and winter you do not want to heat more space than needed.

Now choose what greenhouse style will best suit the location. The Victorian style greenhouse and the hoop greenhouse can be built any size you want. The hoop style is easier to build if you are going to build a large greenhouse. The lean to greenhouse is built onto the side of another structure. The lean to greenhouse is nice when built onto the side of your house if you want to heat or cool your greenhouse. The grow rack greenhouse of mini greenhouse works for any yard. This can be put on your patio or your deck.

Build your own greenhouse in any size yard with these easy to follow step by step instructions. Start build ing your own greenhouse today!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Backyard Greenhouse

Want to Build Your Own Greenhouse?
Need Good Plans?
I have easy to follow step by step plans that will have you building and using your greenhouse in no time.

Learn how to build a greenhouse and save a ton of money. There are no special skills needed. Basic knowledge is all that is required to build your own greenhouse. Once you have chosen a location, style, and size you need to choose a cost effective structure and location. If money is not an option then you can use any of the materials below to build your backyard greenhouse. However if cost is getting in the way of building your own greenhouse it does not have to.

The structure of your backyard hobby greenhouse can be made from any of the following:
  • Galvanized iron
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • PVC pipe
Galvanized iron and aluminum are your more expensive options. For a business these are better options than wood or PVC.
Wood and PVC pipe are much cheaper options. They are also easier to work with. For the avid home gardener or hobby gardener these should suit your needs just fine.
When deciding on your frame structure you also have to keep in mind what you are going to enclose your frame with. You can choose to cover your backyard greenhouse in any of these options:
  • Glass
  • Polycarbonates (Plastic sheets)
  • Plexiglass
  • Fiberglass reinforced panels
  • Polyethylene Film
Glass, polycarbonates, and, plexiglass are the more expensive options. Glass is also heavy so you need to go with a better frame structure to support the weight of the glass.
Fiberglass reinforced panels and polyethylene film are much cheaper options. Both can be used as enclosures for wood or PVC.
As you can see you do not have to have a lot of money. Enjoy gardening all year round when you build your own backyard greenhouse.
Are you considering a backyard greenhouse? Build your own greenhouse. Building your own greenhouse is cost efficient and easy to do. You can be on your way to building your own greenhouse in no time.